100 Word Review – Chasing Coral

A wonderfully touching documentary which highlights the plights of coral reefs around the world as sea temperatures rise.

Easy to watch and full of visually stunning and striking images, Chasing Coral takes you on a journey to the Great Barrier Reef as you follow the attempts of underwater photographer Richard Vevers to catch coral bleaching on camera for the first time in the wild.

In a race against time and temperature the crew are forced to personally involved themselves in a way they had endeavoured not to. However, it is this emotional journey at the crew goes on which gives the film its heart, and without it, I feel the impact of the coral bleaching, while still tragic, would have felt a little empty.

Whether you are a coral reef scientist, or someone who doesn’t yet know coral is an animal, this documentary will not fail to convince you that there is a tragedy happening in front of our eyes, but just below the waves.


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