Cat Loud’s Wayward Girls

This weekend past I headed off to Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival. Currently, I am living and working on the Isle of Mull and like all good island communities, everybody knows everybody else’s business. Naturally I was recommend the only act from Mull that was running the weekend I was there. (Surprisingly not the only Mull act of the whole festival though.)

I looked it up, and the show Blueswater Presents: Cat Loud’s Wayward Girls looked decent, so I bought tickets for myself and my friends hoping that it was enjoyable.

It wasn’t.

It was mesmerising.

Armed only with her indomitable stage presence, a couple of musicians and an angelic voice, Cat Loud created a fairytale within a small room of the Surgeon’s Hall.

Alternating between short monologues and songs Cat beautifully crafted a tale of a young lady on an accidental adventure, led astray by a white rabbit (like all good adventures). The songs were well chosen and composed, fitting perfectly into the tone of the whole piece. Her version of Cellphone became the theme of my weekend, and one of my friends came out of the show convinced she was in love. There was laugh-out-loud moments, snigger under your breath jokes, and brief audience participation too.

Cat Loud does what few performers can do; connect to a whole room of people while making you feel like you’re the only one she’s looking at. Sure, there were a few slight issues with the sound levels, but not enough to spoil the whole thing. In fact, my only major complaint was that the show was’t long enough. But perhaps leaving you wanting more is the true performance trick here.

If you like shows that make you laugh, getting you humming a good tune and make you feel like you’re being seduced by a good looking woman, next time Cat Loud is preforming near you, do yourself a favour and get a ticket. Or twenty.


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